Education Institutes Information Management System (EIIMS)

The Education Institutes Information Management System (EIIMS) will empower your users with key data needed to create a better for your students, leading to higher retention and successful outcome. This application supports each department's ability to interface and manage student's information such as Full Tracking and Reporting. With EIIMS your Faculty and Staff will be more efficient, while having 24 hour access to student information they need to continuously improve results.
Product More Deatils:


  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Set up according to own requirement
  • Configuration of users and employees with respective roles
  • Unique Identification Number for each student
  • To access different screens based on the rights assigned to user
  • Ensure coordinated workflow between various departments
  • Keep watch on activities from anywhere

Stop It Kids:

StopItKids is a form of parental control software that monitors the websites that your child is viewing in real time. StopItKids sends notification to your smart phone and then you can remotely block/un-block page, web site and browser. You can send message from smart phone to browser as well. Complete features are given under features.
Product More Deatils:


  • Receiving web activity report by email: once a day | once a week | once a month
  • Alert notification upon unsafe content detection or any other content you are interested in
  • Create keywords for tracking web content
  • Automatically block unsafe web content
  • Block access to unwanted websites or pages
  • Block access to chrome browser "Settings/Extension" pages
  • Monitor and control web activity using mobile app

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